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August 22, 2010


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from Chicago to Phoenix, & Austin to Louisville (‘Lou-avul’), & beyond…

Is it just me, or do you too feel ‘a – shakin & a – stretchin’ occurring among survivors of the grim, decade – old, Manufactured Housing Reality Show? Must be careful here, not to overplay what I’ve been sensing of late; however, with each passing day, it’s become increasingly obvious: Some things downright Positive, and Some things out – and – out Bold, are a – happening!


Let’s begin with the small cum large, non – host, no – agenda, networking dinner party for Chicago’s landlease (nee manufactured home) community owners, Monday evening, August 23rd. When first phone calls were made a week earlier, the optimistic goal was to see a dozen of the 25 known Chicagoland portfolio ‘players’ gather at the popular Rosewood Restaurant in Rosemont, IL. Well, as this blog is posted Sunday afternoon, August 22nd, 24 name tags and a private dining room at the Rosewood await the largest social gathering of LLCommunity owners/operators in the city’s history! Why the Unbridled Optimism? Revisit this website and blog next week to learn the answer…


Then there’re the Unbridled Optimistic commentaries that roll in each week, following this blog’s posting. Here’re just two recent penned communiqués:

“I still believe manufactured housing is the best, and maybe the only hope, for safe affordable housing for a large portion of U.S. citizens!” JA

“We are on the edge of the greatest boom the manufactured housing world has ever seen. And this isn’t hype. It’s the logical reality of why the Buffett folk keep buying up manufactured housing producers and suppliers! They are doing the same tea leaf reading as any sage of the biz can come to.” TK

Know what? There’s a lot more going on ‘optimistically’ than most folk realize. That’s why YOU need to be reading the Allen Letter professional journal every month! Phone (317) 346-7156 to subscribe @ $134.95/year (12 issues) – and get to know columnist M.H. Ronin; that’s code for Manufactured Housing’s ‘covert operations (editorial) specialist with no governmental ties’! Seriously. And guess who he/she is?


Excuse me here, if I have difficulty restraining genuine excitement for the landlease community asset class (a.k.a. In some circles, the ‘post production segment of manufactured housing’, nee the ‘aftermarket’), and what happens 15 – 17 September, at the 19th annual International Networking Roundtable in Phoenix, AZ.

Just corresponded with Randy Rowe, upon his return from Australia. He’s ‘primed to share’, with 200+/- LLCommunity owners/operators expected to attend and hear: ‘What we must collectively do, to regain our legitimate share of the U.S. housing market!’ How can YOU not be present to hear that timely, bellwether address?!

And then there’s how Murphy’s Law (i.e. ‘Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong!’) has been turned on its head at this event. We planned to feature the first public pairing of MHI & MHARR execs ‘telling their respective advocacy stories’. Well that’s not gonna happen. Why? Ask me privately. BUT, in its’ place? Something bigger and much better! But you have to be present to ‘experience’ it. Frankly; I can hardly wait!

And ‘how ‘bout this?’ Did you know there’s already a ‘plan & practice’ in place, to restore third party chattel financing to manufactured housing in general, and LLCommunities in particular? No? Well, that’s getting its’ first public airing as well!

PLUS, all the other nifty topics, best presenters, superb networking, and important deal – making characteristic of this venue! Mention this blog posting when you register (if you haven’t already), and we’ll honor the ‘before 8/15’ registration fee of $395.00, saving you $55.00 off the present $450.00 registration fee. Register via this website or phone the MHIndustry HOTLINE: (877) MFD-HSNG or 633-4764 today!

By the way, the third meeting of the MHTrade Press CONSORTIUM will occur at this year’s Roundtable in Phoenix. Anyone who’s anyone in the print and online press will be present!


TA – TA! Remember the ‘teaser’ of a week or two ago in this blog, about Good News and how ‘The South might rise again’? Well, here’s Good News about one Bold Initiative: the Louisville Manufactured Housing Show (formerly, Midwest Manufactured Housing Show), following a year’s (2010) hiatus, returns to the Kentucky State Fair Grounds @ 13 – 15 January 2011. Yep; got that, as they say, straight from the horse’s (i.e. Dennis’) mouth. Are you excited to hear that Good News? You should be! As a colleague said yesterday, “Geesh, I didn’t realize how much I was going to miss the mid – January trip to Louisville until the show got canceled!” A dozen (+) manufacturers have committed to participate and nearly half the supplier booths are reserved. For more information, and or to reserve ‘your supplier booth’, contact Dennis Hill via (770) 587-3350. Tell him ‘George sent me!’


Hey; also remember this blog telling you (a little) about the ‘Arkansas initiative’, to (in my words) pressure our national MHAdvocacy bodies to effect more and better results for the MHIndustry, inside the Washington beltway? Well, have been watching this matter unfold from a distance, and recently learned it’s morphed into the ‘Texas initiative’. Following a recent circulation of ‘requests for proposals’ and conference call; two consultancy proposals have been received, and will be decided upon. Appears the Texas Manufactured Housing Association will be funding this Bold Initiative, in part; and, providing leadership for same, via its’ board of directors and executive director. To become involved in this effort, or simply to learn more, phone (512) 459-1221 # 940.


OK, continuing this week’s blog theme describing Unbridled Optimism popping up all around the U.S., here’s a novel if not somewhat shocking thought. The rock band, The Grateful Dead, just might have the answer(s) to MHIndustry’s decade long malaise! How so? Go to your local Borders or Barnes & Noble bookstore and take a gander at David Meerman Scott’s Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead. ‘What Every Business Can Learn from the Most Iconic Band in History.’ I’m serious! A few of the chapter titles should titillate your curiosity:

Create a Unique Business Model
Choose a Memorable Brand Name(s)
Build a Diverse Team
Be Yourself
Cut Out the Middleman
Free Your Content
Partner with Entrepreneurs
Give Back
Do What You Love (to do)

Who’d a thunk? There’re some pithy ideas contained therein. Just don’t lose sight or hold of business common sense, tempered by your abilities and skills, personal and corporate experience; and most important of all, your level and focus of attitude and motivation!


In case you haven’t noticed – and why should you? This is the 100th blog for me; originally posted at Manufactured Housing Merchandiser’s website, now a fixture at

When planning this landmark 100th blog, I considered reaching back and sharing our some MHIndustry & LLCommunity timeline and media history. But as interesting as it might have been for some, it’d likely be boring and uninteresting for the majority. So…

Suffice it to say, when I started penning this blog two years ago, the last thing I needed was another recurring (weekly) writing assignment. But know what? It’s become a pleasure ‘staying alert’ to newsy notes, then articulating (hopefully) informed opinions, to share with friends and colleagues. The most gratifying part of the blogging experience has been the regular, and generally very positive feedback, from readers. For that matter, including material contained herein, much about which I write comes directly from you who do phone, email, and otherwise communicate musings ideas, and opinions to me. So, please don’t stop. And here’s why…

‘In real time, our MHIndustry & LLCommunity asset class, for the first time in its’ collective 60 year history, has ongoing, very public, honest – to – goodness, give – and – take, interpersonal and corporate intercommunication!’ We must preserve and protect this means that brings us together, by participating in and supporting the opportunity.

If you haven’t already seen, or have, a copy of the ‘Official Manufactured Housing Resource for Print & On – line Media, plus Social Networking Sites’ (One of 12 Signature Documents), request a ‘free’ copy when you register for the above – referenced Networking Roundtable, or subscribe to the Allen Letter professional journal.


Finally, a word about the future. Not making a grandiose announcement here, just encouraging you to ‘stay tuned’ in the near and intermediate future. Carolyn and I’ve built a significant manufactured housing and landlease community business consulting, publishing, and training platform during the past 30 years. We’ve begun making preliminary plans to, hopefully, ensure its’ continuation beyond our tenure. All I’ll say at this point, is my (our) desire, mission, goal – for the two dozen work products (e.g. profit centers, like the ALLEN REPORT, Networking Roundtable, two newsletters, book publishing, MHM classes, and this blog, to name a few) comprising GFA Management, Inc., dba PMN Publishing, is to see the entity continue in toto, if possible. Maybe as a for – profit business enterprise like it is today; or, perhaps institutionalized (e.g. as part of a not for profit trade or advocacy group), given the right and timely venue, and favorable circumstances. As usual, your thoughts on this subject are welcome….


George Allen, Realtor®, CPM®Emeritus, MHM
Consultant to the Factory – built Housing Industry &
The Landlease Community Real Estate Asset Class
Box # 47024 Indianapolis, IN. 46247 (317) 346-7156

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