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October 5, 2009

MHI’s annual, & NCC’s division meetings ‘in a nutshell’, so to speak….

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Blog # 54, a.k.a. Postscript to the Allen CONFDENTIAL!, Issue # 121

MHI’s annual, & NCC’s division meetings ‘in a nutshell’, so to speak….

First the Good News. Overall attendance at this year’s annual meeting at La Costa Resort Hotel & Spa, in La Costa, CA., was up by 50 percent! Not So Good News?
Only 11 state MHAssociation execs were present (e.g. none from Pacific Northwest or New England, & only one each from Middle Atlantic States & Midwest!); only six HUD Code home manufacturers (with a couple of those brands were from same corporate family); but, there were more than 20 LLCommunity owners/operators present!

Meet Potomac Partners, LLC. The only firm to receive an RFP (Request for Proposal) from MHI to find “…adequate financing for land-lease (sic) community manufactured housing (‘MH’) loans…” To request a copy of their four page Proposal, contact Thayer Long @ (703) 558-0678. To offer information, or to offer assistance to this firm, contact Brian Chappelle or Pete Mills via (202) 637-7020.

Industry Panel Discussion. Promoted as ‘one session you will not want to miss’, a panel comprised of seven industry experts from manufacturing, finance, and LLCommunity segments of the MHIndustry, moderated by Dick Ernst, shared their ‘sector’s biggest business challenges and strategies for overcoming them.” While interesting presentations, nothing about the 36 Business Development Managers (‘BDM’) marketing new HUD Code homes into LLCommunities these days; or the National Symposium Movement, already in evidence in IN, OH, GA, IL – and maybe TX, as well as regional trade shows; and, the newest industry moniker ‘community series’ homes, received but passing mention during Open Discussion at very end of the program. Sometimes seems like there’re two manufactured housing and landlease community industries afoot these days.

National Communities Council meeting. Once again, the most heavily attended industry segment meeting of the entire MHI annual meeting. Much discussion concerning pending legislation in Washington, DC. For latest information go to MHI’s website and access the NCC portion thereof. What else covered? Stephen Wheeler, formerly with Green Courte Partners, introduced his new firm Housing Advisory Services and explained what’s happening there (See brochure enclosed with this issue of TAC!) I distributed a summary of newsy notes already covered in this issue of TAC!

Manufactured Housing Educational Institute board meeting. I suggested MHI explore the possibility of adding several new HUD Code homes to the 2010 MHCongress in Las Vegas, NV as display models, like we did at the 18th annual Roundtable last month. Since a theme had already been selected for the 2010 event, this suggestion went unheeded – unless the NCC Forum committee picks up on it: ‘How to Market, Sell & Self – finance New & Resale Homes On – site in LLCommunities Nationwide!’ Would you attend such a seminar program? Thought so. I certainly would, especially during these trying economic times for our industry and asset class. Guess we’ll have to wait and see…

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