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December 23, 2021


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Perspective. ‘Land lease communities, previously manufactured home communities, and earlier, ‘mobile home parks’ comprise the real estate component of manufactured housing!’

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INTRODUCTION: As we enter this holiday season and prepare to begin a new year, be vigilant of those influences helpful to your line of work within manufactured housing and land lease communities. Here’s just two matters for you to read and ponder: Why do some folk insist on pontificating info they know little about; and, are you EMP-prepared? George Allen



It’s happening already; businessmen and women who should know better, are trafficking in false information! Just this past week on FACEBOOK, in a list of five questions purporting to explain ‘Why land lease communities are disappearing’ (Actually, the writer used a past term for the realty asset class, compounding the false information problem), the bold but inaccurate statement was put forth: ‘estimate only ten land lease communities have been developed during the past two decades’. Nothing could be further from the truth! There have been dozens of new communities developed throughout the U.S., during the past decade. Just ask landscape architect consultant Don Westphal, in MI, for a list of just his developments and expansions. And talk to the REITs (real estate investment trusts) about communities they’re developing in TX, FL, and elsewhere. Ask Ed Zeman and Jamie Dougherty about their communities in MI.

To me, this sudden appearance of false information belies a credibility problem besetting the manufactured housing industry and land lease community real estate asset class. With so many industry and property veterans retiring this past year, the internet is ripe for exploitation by individuals, many of whom are new to MH and communities, to seize the moment and put forth their theories and thoughts as to what what’s happening in their realms of experience and investment.

So, be alert to what you read and believe.



For a moment, stop and consider the dire consequences of being totally without electric power to light and heat one’s home, operate vehicles, and communicate via telephone, radio, TV and otherwise! Frankly, I’d not given the matter any thought until I read a novel recommended by a junior executive friend at the Federal Housing Finance Agency in Washington, DC. The book? ONE SECOND AFTER, by William R. Forstchen (Available for $10 from There are two sequels in the EMP-centered triad of novels.

Here’s what I learned. Complete chaos will reign following an electromagnetic pulse, until individuals grasp what is going on and work to ameliorate the severe consequences of no longer having power to do anything beyond lighting a campfire, drinking water from a stream, and gathering together for warmth and protection. That’s the message, clearly set forth in the novel – which follows the lives of individuals in a small college town in western North Carolina. What replaces dollars and coinage as valuable legal tender? Bullets! Bullets needed to hunt local wildlife; and eventually, protect lives.

I’d allowed this ‘wakeup call’ message to fade somewhat from memory during ensuing years – until I read a recent email message from earlier this month. Here’s an edited portion of a paragraph labeled ‘Electromagnetic Pulse’:

“Israel and Iran are preparing for war. China is planning to annex Taiwan. Russia is amassing troops to annex the rest of Ukraine. China and Russia are working in cooperation and will likely strike simultaneously. To prevent the U.S. from aiding each of its’ allies, it is likely China will encourage North Korea to deorbit two satellites down to an altitude of 140 km above the earth. The President’s EMP Commission states that both satellites are likely carrying nuclear weapons. By detonating the nuclear weapons at that altitude, the gamma rays from the nuclear explosion will interact with the edge of the atmosphere and generate a very strong electromagnetic pulse (‘EMP’). The pulse is about 5,000 times stronger than a cell tower. It encompasses the AM and FM radio bands and travels at the speed of light. An EMP can cause a voltage spike of 50,000 volts or more in power lines and metal cables, and generate several thousand amps of current. The spike is a thousand times faster than lightning. Conventional lightning surge arrestors are too slow to stop it. Any electronic equipment that is not EMP-protected, including backup generators and vehicles, will no longer function. An EMP could cause a grid outage lasting a year of more.”

Is that scary enough for you? Is your home and business, as well as personal and corporate vehicles EMP-protected? Probably not. Even though some military vehicles are, many are not. Now is time to begin preparing for the consequences of an EMP strike in the atmosphere above our nation!

But what to do? Suggest you google ‘EMP-preparedness’. There you’ll find many resources containing information as to steps to take to be better prepared for such an emergency if/when it occurs. You decide what to do now and what to consider later.

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