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June 2, 2012

Reality Check & MHConversation Draw Responses!

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What The Readers of This Blog Have to Say about….

Carolyn and I’ve been participating in a Christian Writers’ Conference this past week, and pretty much out of touch with daily happenings throughout the MHIndustry. So, I’ve opted to simply share some of the interesting email received from readers of this blog.

Next Sunday’s blog, on 10 June, two days before the long – awaited meeting of the ’18 New Pioneers’, will likely share expectations for the meeting at SaddleBrook Farms in Grayslake, IL.. Even before the event, it’s no exaggeration to say and pen, this singular gathering of 18 landlease community owners, and a few key advisors, from nearly a dozen states, has the potential of charting the very future of statistics gathering and distribution; professional property management education and certification; print and online communication and publishing; national interpersonal networking among peers; even deal – making, for this unique realty asset class, 50,000 properties strong!



“George. You hit it on the head, ALL pre – 1976 (mobile) homes should be going to the dump, or to Mexico (Near this letter writer’s office. GFA), where the poor can use any type housing they can get. In fact, there’re ‘rehab plants’ just across the border in Mexico, where the majority of California’s pre – 1976 homes are going. However, there are still some ‘old school landlease community owners’ who won’t throw anything out, and who continue to spend $20,000 to $40,000 ‘rehabbing’ these older units – that two years from now, will again be in deteriorated shape, if not worse. This is because the applying of roof sealer on the exterior, painting the interior, and adding new flooring, does ‘not for a new home make’! And we wonder why folk still refer to them as ‘trailers’.”

“However, we’re working in a landlease community in Huntington Beach, where Skyline and Karsten homes with new floor plans, and exterior style features that’ll ‘knock your socks off’ – in addition to the new two story Fleetwood home that’s already in place! Once prospective homebuyers see what is now available to them, their whole attitude changes! What’s also interesting, is seeing younger couples, who’ve lost their stick – built homes, now renting our homes, on an interim basis – but have become ‘sold’ on the basic community lifestyle, along with value for the dollar. It now looks like they’ll be routinely buying what they’ve been renting. It doesn’t get much better than that!” (Lightly edited comments and observations from rcb. GFA)


Where & How Do YOU Fit Into This MHousing Conversation?

“Thanks for posting the discussion between John (Underwood), Ken (Rishel) and yourself. It underscored the importance of every facet of (HUD Code home manufacturing, MHRetailing by ‘independents’ & ‘company stores’, and landlease community owners/operators) working together, to deliver on the ‘promise’ of quality affordable manufactured housing – and more! The ‘promise’ is exactly what Ken addressed, LIFESTYLE, regardless of the size and nature of the landlease community. And the process begins with the LLCommunity owner/operator who decides just what and how they want to deliver on this lifestyle ‘promise’; then, how to spread the word (i.e. market the property), providing the stimulus, to get home buying prospects to inquire online, via phone, and or on – site visits, generating traffic. But, one MUST also have capable, trained, and motivated people on the ground (i.e. sales/leasing staff in the Information Center) who can do more than provide just a property or house tour. These team members must know the (sales) process of feature and benefit selling (Including the LLCommunity ‘lifestyle’ benefit, for sure); also how to ‘trial close’, encourage visualization on the part of the prospective home buyer; and, effect a final ‘close’ by asking for the down payment, completed application, etc. Any element of this process that does not function properly, in concert with the whole, will produce far less than the desired, let alone optimum results.” (Lightly edited. GFA) And…

“Hope you are well. It seems retirement is nowhere in sight for you.” Chris Nicely


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