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December 2, 2012

MHCAA & MHPast as Predictor: 2012-2022

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Blog # 222 Copyright 2012 2 December 2012

Perspective. ‘Land lease lifestyle communities, a.k.a. manufactured home communities, & earlier, ‘mobile home parks’, are the real estate component of manufactured housing.’


WOW! Did YOU Respond? YES!

There will be a ‘by invitation only’ POWER Luncheon in KY on 1/23/2013


While the MHCA of North America is not a ‘done deal’ yet, may be soon…


‘Past as Predictor of the Future – or just Another Crapshoot?

Have YOU Contacted ‘MHC of Arizona’ for a Copy of this MHExpose’?


Key # Indicators of Land Lease Lifestyle Community Performance


Will I See YOU in Richmond, VA. this Coming Week?



WOW! Did YOU Respond? YES!

There will be a ‘by invitation only’ POWER Luncheon in KY on 1/23/2013


While the MHCA of North America is not a ‘done deal’ yet, may be soon

More often than not, business writers wonder if what they pen is getting through to their intended audience? And assuming so, what’s their response to said message?

Well, last week’s blog produced many welcome and happy YES responses to the first question, as well as ‘replies of substance’ to the latter one! Within hours of posting the blog a day early (Saturday) on, I had six commitments – from land lease lifestyle community owners, to participate in the POWER Networking Luncheon on 23 January, the first day of the annual Louisville MHShow – along with an unsolicited offer to sponsor this first major networking and educational event of the year! And five days later, that ‘interested party’ number swelled to 20, not including the three discussion leaders I’ve asked to assist me facilitating this special event. Have YOU expressed your interest yet? Get your name on the ‘invite list’ ASAP, as seating is limited to 50 LLLCommunity owners and operators.

A sampling of the first dozen responses:

• “I’m interested in the luncheon. Count me in!” MM

• “Count me in for Louisville. I sincerely appreciate you taking the initiative (as expected and appreciated). We want to sponsor the event. This is NOT a request. What time and where?” RO

• “I would be interested in attending the meeting you mentioned, to be held in conjunction with the upcoming Louisville Show.” RN

• “I’ll be there for the Louisville networking lunch. Great idea!” CN

• “Would love to have lunch with you in Louisville.” DL

• “Haven’t been to Louisville in years, but sure plan to go now, for lunch and the show. Ha! Sounds a little like going to the big city for ‘dinner and a show’. DG

And that wasn’t all! Requests continue to arrive for a reprint of the ‘Best of Times, Worst of Times’, Briefing Summary I frequently share with inquirers, mostly from outside the MHIndustry & LLLCommunity asset class. Here’s what one of our blog ‘floggers’ (readers) had to say about the briefing summary:

“I read your piece on the current state of the industry and thought it was one of the most concise, accurate and realistic analysis I have read in awhile. With new MH production down, over the last decade, there are few used homes available for purchase as rentals. Your thoughts on this matter, particularly the economics of renting homes on – site?” JD

Haven’t decided for sure yet, but am considering editing this blog feature into a lead story for an upcoming issue of the Allen Letter professional journal, maybe the February 2013 issue. Speaking of the business newsletter, are YOU a paid subscriber? If so, look to receive the stunning 24th annual ALLEN REPORT (a.k.a. ‘Who’s Who Among Land Lease Lifestyle Community Portfolio Owners/operators Throughout North America!’) as a lagniappe (‘i.e. ‘freebie’) in the January 2013 issue. Otherwise the report alone, is retail priced at $500.00. per copy. So, if not yet a paid subscriber, and really want a copy of this new 24th edition of the ALLEN REPORT, phone the MHIndustry HOTLINE: (877) MFD-HSNG or 633-4764 ASAP. Price? Only #134.95 for a one year (12 monthly issues) subscription.

Why stunning? Because we’ve built a couple ‘extras’ into this year’s 24th edition. Not the least of which will be the List of the 25 Most Influential Persons in the MHIndustry & LLLCommunity Asset Class! Remember; many of you reading this blog are the ones who, during the past six months, identified the individuals YOU consider to be the Most Influential. You don’t want to miss this edition of the ALLEN REPORT.

And finally; regarding another topic imbedded in last week’s blog posting. MANY have phoned and written, asking for more information about the casually mentioned Manufactured Home Communities Association of North America, or MHCA for short. Here’s all I can tell you at this time:

If and when MHCA officially debuts, you’ll be among the first to know! And if indeed, maneuvered to materialize, MHCA will ‘hit the ground running, as a new, national, not for profit ‘comprehensive Resource servicing’ entity for all land lease lifestyle community owners/operators in the U.S. and Canada! As such, it’ll complement the Advocacy role of MHI’s National Communities Council (‘NCC’) division, and the eventual Research focus of the Center for Manufactured Housing Studies or CMHS.

While I said nothing last week about MHCA membership solicitation, more than a dozen of you, all LLLCommunity owners, inquired as to When, Where, How, & How Much it’ll cost to sign – on as Charter Members. While that’s getting out a little ahead of ourselves, it’s encouraging to know my land lease lifestyle community owner peers, as well as others, recognize the ongoing and intrinsic value of the print and online communication (e.g. books, monthly newsletters, weekly blog & standard PM forms), interpersonal networking events (e.g. annual Roundtable & periodic FOCUS Groups), professional property management education (e.g. nearly 1,000 Manufactured Housing Managers® or MHMs® to date), and realty deal – making opportunities, as well as other unique products and services. All this has been welcome confirmation of the past 33 years of effort, via GFA Management, Inc., dba PMN Publishing, in behalf of LLLCommunity owners and operators nationwide and in Canada. So, for the time being, a sincere ‘Thank You for that Vote of Confidence & Expectation of What’s Ahead!’ GFA


‘Past as Predictor of the Future – or just Another Crapshoot?’

Have YOU Contacted ‘MHC of Arizona’ for a Copy of this MHExpose’?

As long time readers of the Allen Letter professional journal know; at least once each year, I update and share the most comprehensive ‘State of the MHIndustry & LLLCommunity Asset Class’ document available anywhere, from anyone, in the industry and throughout the property type. Sure, there are other versions of ‘State of the Manufactured Housing Industry’, but that’s generally all they’re about; that singular business type and model only. Few, if any, include key stats, trends, and more, that describe the land lease lifestyle community , a.k.a. manufactured home community.

With that said, you’ll surely want to read ‘Past as Predictor of the Future – or just Another Crapshoot?’ Why? Because I’ve taken material from the last dozen years of ‘State of the MHIndustry & LLLCommunity Asset Class’ presentations, and ‘predicted them forward’ to what we might expect, in both business milieus, a decade from now, during year 2022! Wouldn’t you like to know?

To order your copy of the MHC of Arizona newsletter containing this forward – looking document, contact Susan Brenton via (480) 345-4202 or The feature is tentatively scheduled to be published in the association’s January 2013 newsletter. It will not be reproduced in this weekly blog.

Here’re a few tidbits from this ‘futuristic start to year 2012 cum 2022:

• “One can almost (hope) to see an industry promo as straightforward as this: ‘One House, Your Home; Anywhere, Anytime! (Manufactured) Housing!’ Now all we’ve gotta do is figure out what word to use instead of ‘manufactured’….

• “This major segment of the manufactured housing industry is on the cusp of significant consolidation nationwide.” Which segment one do you think it is?

• “…how many more property portfolios are going to shrink in size, or disappear altogether, as foreclosure casualties?” That is indeed happening, you know.

• “Again, Randy Rowe, says it best: ‘Community owners (now) horizontally integrate, to include….” This part alone is a real education in LLLCommunity operations.

• “Household expenses must be paid by the homeowner/site lessee. If paid as part of the 30% HEF, a housing transaction is ‘affordable’; however, if paid in addition to the 30% HEF (PITI only), the housing deal is ‘risky’ at best!”

• “Today, more than ever before, (state) MHAssociations cannot afford expensive deadwood staffing. And…everyone must become active membership recruiters!”

• “But there’s a rub or two. The National Communities Council division of MHI has been effective since 1 January 1996, or 17 years. Two significant concerns spark controversy today and going forward.” Some ‘must read’ material for all..

OK, if you haven’t already contacted Susan Brenton, in AZ, to pre – order a copy of her association’s January 2013 newsletter, featuring this ‘look into our collective future’, phone her at (480) 345-4202 or email: sbrenton@azmhca


Key # Indicators of Land Lease Lifestyle Community Performance

Just decided this particular blog posting is long enough as it stands, so will push this ‘really interesting & instructive material’ over into next week’s offering.


Will I See YOU in Richmond, VA., this Coming Week?

Sure hope so! If you’re a land lease lifestyle community owner/operator in any of the Mid Atlantic states, this’ll be the best $35.00 you’ll spend during 2012! Phone Tyler Craddock @ (804) 750-2500 or email him at to register for this one day, 6 December, education and networking event. Learn all about 21st Mortgage’s cutting edge C.A.S.H. lending program for LLLCommunities; how to calculate ‘affordable’ & ‘risky’ Price Points for new and resale homes going into LLLCommunities or onto scattered building sites conveyed fee simple; my ‘trade secret’ property turnaround procedures, and much much more.


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