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January 12, 2023

Character in New Adventure Novel…

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Character in New Adventure Novel…

“George Allen: USMC Colonel, CAG of the USS Teddy Roosevelt. A veteran of WWIII (served with the President) and an Ace fighter pilot, he now commands the air combat group. With rising tensions between US and China in anticipation of the transfer of power, the carrier group is sent from Pearl Harbor as a show of force. A series of accidents and encounters (has) him taking charge of the expedition, facing the challenges of command, and trying to prevent an escalation of hostilities.”

This is the way I’m introduced in longtime land lease community owner/operator Charles Irion’s 17th murder mystery adventure novel. There are already plans for it to be released as a feature-length movie. I’ve seen the trailer (mini-movie) and it’s full of action scenes. Have followed Chuck’s budding writing career for nearly two decades, often reviewing his newest releases in the Allen Letter. This is the first time he’s written me into one of his fictional adventure tales.

For a complete list of Charles Irion’s titles, visit And while you’re there, or at, consider ordering a copy of Murdered By Gods – Timbuktu. I’ve read it and it is one exciting ‘read’. GFA

Mike Pence’s autobiography, So Help Me God

Most of you reading these lines will remember Mike Pence as vice president under President Donald Trump; Hoosiers remember him as governor of the state of Indiana; and I remember him as a guy I knew at church in Greenwood, IN., before he went off to Congress.

Recently finished reading his autobiography, So Help Me God. There is much to absorb and consider within those 542 pages; from Mike’s young and formative years in central Indiana, through his political disappointments and triumphs, and globe-traveling years as vice president of the United States of America. And the intimate sharing of his experiences and thoughts during the January 6th demonstration in downtown Washington, DC, alone, makes this a worthy ‘read’.

Beyond all that there were a few memories and memorable quotations that touched me.

“…during a visit at the RV/MH Hall of Fame in Elkhart, Indiana”, speaking of Pete Buttigieg (former mayor of South Bend, IN., now Secretary of Transportation), “I think Pete is a good public servant, a patriot, and I look forward to continuing to work with him.” (&) “But Mayor Pete’s attitude changed dramatically after he announced his campaign for president in January 2019; he suddenly adopted the caricature of me and of Indiana held by many of his West Coast donors. Politics can do that to you.” P.115

Know how I frequently encourage mature and successful businessmen and women to early pen their memoirs (i.e. ‘true short stories’), later to be collected as their autobiography? Well later in Mike’s book, when talking of former President George H.W. Bush, he recollects how his son Michael, now a U.S. Marine aviator, made his first tail hook (sic) landing on the aircraft carrier bearing Bush’s name. Mike sent President Bush a photo of that exciting moment, which was soon returned with a personal and encouraging note, in part: ‘I wish you many CAVU days ahead.’ (CAVU, an old aviation acronym for ‘ceiling and visibility unlimited’). Mike’s concluding and ‘telling’ observation? “Bush never wrote an autobiography, so the story of his life in his own words is spread out across the countless letters he wrote, including the one he sent my son.” Pp. 327 & 328. A missed presidential opportunity.

Late in the book, describing his speech writing early morning 6 January, Mike shares, “For me there is no good writing, just good rewriting, and I labored over my words to make sure they conveyed my position clearly and my determination to fulfill my oath under the Constitution that day.” P.456.

A Mystery For You!

I recently reconnected, via an online obituary, with a business acquaintance from 40 years past. Here are your hints as to his identity. He was the only racial minority-owner, in my experience, of a portfolio of land lease communities spread through more than a half dozen states. His obituary identifies him as a USAF officer veteran, veterinarian, real estate mogul, philanthropist, author, and 2013 interim president of his university alma mater.

If this mystery intrigues you, be sure to read next week’s blog posting (# 724) on or around 20 January 2023. At that time I’ll identify this successful, but very private, community owner – the name of his firm, title of the self-help book he authored, and more.

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