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April 8, 2017

Civil Revenge & Manufactured Housing – a WARNING

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Civil Revenge & Manufactured Housing


‘Specifically; will Democrats Civil Revenge Campaign Spill Over Into the Business Arena in General, Manufactured Housing & the Land Lease Community Realty Asset Class in Particular?

Since last November (Think Presidential Election) I’ve watched and read, then commented in the secular press, on the number and variety of angst measures pursued by Democrats’ in their civil revenge campaign, over having lost said election big time.

In the Midwest, college professors – not surprisingly, have gone on record, on the editorial pages of local newspapers, favoring such outlandish schemes as:

• Encouraging the Democrat Party to form a shadow presidency! Here’s what professor DC penned: “Am I suggesting a type of shadow presidency (by Democrats), a visible alternative to the Trump administration and reasonable critic of its’ extreme policies? Yes, that is exactly what I am proposing.” My rejoinder? At its’ worst, that’s potentially seditious. How so? It’s akin to what 18th century colonists did, relative to the King of England, until they could no longer abide ‘taxation without representation’ – then they revolted! Is that what Democrat civil revenge will lead to this time around? Let’s hope not.

• Demand the seating of co-presidents or bipartisan executives to run the U.S. Seriously. Another professor, quotes from David Orentlicher’s 2013 book, Two Presidents Are Better Than One: The Case for a Bipartisan Executive, “having two presidents, one from each political party, would serve us better.” Really? And from which two parties should they be selected? Libertarian and who ? Probably not the answer the author had in mind; however, that suggestion demonstrates how half-baked this idea really is.

Now we hear hearing rumors of ‘deep state’ machinations against the Trump presidency! What’s ‘deep state’? To some, if not many, a U.S. conspiracy theory, characterized by career government employees, intent on influencing national policy sans regard for democratically-elected leadership! Hmm. Anything in that short paragraph ‘ring a bell’, sound an alarm, where manufactured housing land lease community installation regulations are concerned? It should. Think about it….

My ‘take’ on this? A month or two ago, I’d have said, “Heck no. This is simply a change in administrations; no harm, no foul!” After all, there was discontent when President Obama took office; as he’d never had a real job – other than as political organizer; and certainly never ‘made payroll’ during his adult life. But the Republican party, to its’ credit, and in accords with more than two hundred years of tradition, did not launch a civil revenge campaign! On the other hand, look what’s happened, and continues to occur unabated, as the losing political party, this time around, continues to do everything in its’ power to be a visible force of opposition to President Trump.

Today, nothing surprises me, where the Democrat campaign of civil revenge is concerned – especially in the underground arena of ‘deep state’. Washington is awash with ‘career government employees’ who believe they enjoy tenure of sorts, along with power, to ‘more than influence national policy the way they view it’, even if opposed to corrective measures sought by the new, democratically-elected leadership.

So, where does this ‘deep state’ talk leave us, relative to the manufactured housing industry and land lease community real estate asset class? For now, I suggest vigilance! We sure don’t need more regulation, but if we don’t actively support the lobbying efforts of MHARR and MHI; we’ll surely get that. Start here by asking, are there career government employees within HUD that should be changed out , the sooner the better?


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