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February 11, 2022

2021 = 105,772 NEW HUD-CODE HOMES

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Perspective. ‘Land lease communities, previously manufactured home communities, and earlier, ‘mobile home parks’, comprise the real estate component of manufactured housing!’

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INTRODUCTION: Some extremely Good News, some Not so Good News, and some Exciting News! Also a return to some potpourri for your reading enjoyment. GFA


2021 = 105,772 NEW HUD-CODE HOMES

Yes, you read that right! For the first time in 15 long years, the manufactured housing industry shipped more than 100,000 new HUD-Code homes throughout the U.S. Now that’s something to celebrate! Let’s say it again: 105,772 new HUD-Code homes shipped during all of 2021! *1

According to MHI-sponsored Dr. Stephen C. Cooke’s ‘production value’ formula for manufactured homes, the 8,014 homes shipped during year 2021 are valued at $451 million. And our 105,772 new homes shipped throughout year 2021 are valued at $4.56 billion! *2

End Notes.

1. Most recent previous year during which more than 100,000 new homes were shipped, occurred during year 2006, and that year’s total was 117,510 units.

2. Dr. Cooke’s ‘production value’ per new manufactured home is $43,126. That factor is now a decade old and MHI, in my opinion, should have the value updated to 2022.



That is, with the exception of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. (‘BRK-A’) – owner of Clayton Homes, whose stock price on 3 February increased to $476K. Everyone else (four manufactured housing firms and five land lease community firms – mostly REITs) saw their stock prices decline. *1

Skyline Champion Corporation (‘SKY’) @ $73.95
Cavco Industries, Inc., (‘CVCO’) @ $292.00
Legacy Housing Corporation (‘LEGH’) @ $25.51
Nobility Homes (‘NOBH’) @ $32.10

Equity Lifestyle (‘ELS’) @ $278.43. (#1 on 32nd annual ALLEN REPORT)
Sun Communities, Inc. (‘SUI’) @ $193.36 (#2 on 32ne annual ALLEN REPORT)
UMH Properties, Inc. (‘UMH’) @ $24.02 (#6 on 32nd annual ALLEN REPORT)
Flagship Communities, on Canadian Stock Exchange @ $18.50 (#23 on 32nd ALLEN REPORT) Manufactured Housing Properties, Inc., (‘MHPC’) @ $2.53 (#28 on 32nd ALLEN REPORT)

Based on above data, the Manufactured housing/land lease community Composite Stock Index (‘CSI’) dropped from $788.87 on 3 January 2022, to $738.00 on 3 February 2022.

End Notes:

1. All stock prices were recorded mid-morning on 3 February 2022.



Time has arrived for a new national organization where questions about manufactured housing can be addressed, where women will be recognized for their individual accomplishments, and where, as an advocate, we can help improve the perception of our industry by touting its’ positive features!

And the name of this new organization? Women Advancing Manufactured Housing (‘WAMH’); however, pronounced ‘WHAM’!

Tuesday evening, 2 February, saw more than 40 men and women from manufactured housing and land lease communities, meet virtually for more than an hour, to organize and introduce the new organization conceived at the virtual SECO meeting this past fall. And this Mission Statement was presented:

‘Women advancing manufactured housing by supporting and elevating females in the industry, improving the perception of manufactured housing throughout the country, collaborating, and helping expand each member’s knowledge.’

WAMH’s executive committee is comprised of Justine Natalie (co-chair), Maria Horton, MHM (co-chair), Sherrie Clevenger (deputy chair), Kim Shultz-Rainford (secretary), and Maryuri Barberan, MHM (treasurer). Two additional founding members are Julie Straus and Chandra Houston.

Next event for WAMH will occur 15 March, featuring a guest speaker – yet to be announced. For more information about WAMH and this event, visit: and

On a personal note, by someone not present at the meeting but wholly supportive of what these women executives are doing, I’m pleased once again, to see women leaders take the initiative to their professional lot and the reputation of the manufactured housing industry going forward. A similar attempt was made two decades ago, but failed. This time around, however, as an industry and realty asset class, we need such enthusiasm and focus all the more! *1 GFA

End Note.

1. The turn of the century women’s executive group went by the name of Manufactured Housing Executive Women (‘MHEW’). It met during annual Manufactured Housing Congress sessions.



Did you know there’s a ‘trailer park musical’ titled LUST ‘N RUST’? Well there was (I saw it in 2001) and is today (google it). Gist? A young man comes to town to start a new job but needs a place to stay. At the local greasy spoon restaurant he meets a tattooed waitress who takes a liking to him and suggests he stay with her in her ‘trailer’ – but not to arrive until she kicks out her soon to be ex-husband. Anyway, the musical is full of trailer stereotypes from start to finish. Just one more of the entertainment standards we must fight on our way to land lease community image improvement.

And then there’s Trailer Park of Terror (Yep, google it too). First appeared back in 1975. Then in 2006 I was invited to invest in a Hollywood film version of the tale. I declined but it materialized anyway. Another figurative albatross our industry must bear for the time being.

Here’re nine holistic principles to a clutter-free life:
1. Handle one item at a time
2. A path (place) for everything, everything on its’ path (place)
3. Don’t cover your tracks, i.e. Don’t toss clutter where you’ve already cleaned
4. Group like things together
5. Take breaks
6. Leave no stone unturned
7. Dispose with ceremony (Imbue the letting-go process with flair)
8. After cleaning or working, revel in the empty space and accomplishments
9. Acknowledge steps one takes and resist the temptation to look ahead to see how much is left to do.
Sorry, but I don’t recall where this came from; but it’s in my potpourri file. GFA

Then there’s this NOTICE I once saw and saved for now:

“This department requires no physical fitness program.
Everyone gets enough exercise jumping to conclusions, flying off the handle, running down the boss, knifing friends in the back, dodging responsibility, and pushing their luck.”

George Allen, CPM, MHM

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